Arlington, VA versus Hialeah, Fl

Its always interesting to see what videos go viral, as in gain a huge buzz on the Internet.

Yesterday several friends sent me this video via email and twitter called the Arlington Rap. The video makes fun of preppy life in Arlington County, VA. As a new resident of the Arlington area I found it amusing from the brown sandals to the Starbucks… enjoy….

The “rap” got me thinking of a video made by two Miami DJ’s Enrique and Joe called Sweet Home Hialeah, making fun of life in Hialeah, Florida. I love Enrique and Joe, their super popular show on Spanish FM radio resonates with the young bilingual community, though it is quite risque. Hialeah is known for its high concentration of Cubans, bad traffic and unique culture. If you don’t speak Spanish and aren’t from Miami not sure how funny you’ll find it but its exaggeration of ghetto fabulousness is entertaining. (NOTE: I went to FIU)


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