DC summer traditions: sports and interns

Last night I went to meet up some friends on Capitol Hill after their softball game. The summers in DC are known for team sports. Dozens of young professionals join softball and kickball leagues. After a game they usually go out for a drink.

My friends were at a little dive bar on the Senate side of the capitol that I hadn’t been to in years. Even though its tucked away on a small side street, it was easy to spot given the dozens of staffers dressed in their team t-shirts and shorts crowding the outside patio. Once I got inside the actual bar, I saw this:


Pictured above is another summer tradition, interns. Lots and lots of interns. They have descended on to Washington D.C. and I guess they are enjoying everything the nation’s capitol has to offer?

By the time I left this coyote ugly style bar many of the patrons were a bit crazier and a bit drunker. Hey, I am from Miami. This is nothing I haven’t seen before. I just thought I would share my view from last night, while my feet were firmly planted on the ground.


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