DC not for ugly people?

This has been the week of lists, at least for RightWingNews.com and some in the blogosphere have payed attention.

On Monday RightWingNews published The 15 Hottest Conservative Women In The New Media . I was flattered to be on there. I surely didn’t expect it….

Then on Wednesday they published The 10 Hottest New Media Guys On The Right–UPDATED With Speedos.

I guess many people enjoy list – from Letterman’s top 10 to Times 100 or People’s most beautiful. People like seeing where people stand. Granted there has been a lot more focus on individuals who dedicate themselves to politics these days. Recently Glamour.com had a post on their blog titled: Why Politicians Are the New Rock Stars

While musicians used to be the go-to beau of A-list ladies, these days the hot chicks of Hollywood need a little more than a guitar solo to impress them. Let’s just call it the “Obama Effect”—thanks to our new brawny and brainy Commander-in-Chief, the sexual stock of politicians has suddenly gone up.

Interestingly enough D.C. has always been called the Hollywood for ugly people. Clearly for some that perception might have changed.

While I am not on the Obama bandwagon, I do realize how he and his campaign have changed politics and how some people perceive the government. For many the Obamas have injected D.C. with a new hip allure. Recent reports are showing more graduates are picking Washington D.C. over Wall Street. You even have MTV coming to the nation’s capitol for the latest season of the “Real World.”

Not everyone is happy with the new boom in interest take for example: The Anti-Real World DC Blog

Let see how all these changes work out…



  1. Congratulations on making the “hot 15” list — although being pretty is something the other side can use against you, as we’ve seen recently in that horrid Cimbalo article in Playboy. Be glad you weren’t in that top 10 list.

    1. Agreed and thank you. The top 15 list came in reaction to the horrible Playboy list. It was focused on the positive, rejoicing women who have a opinions…. not trying to ridicule them.

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