Castro, Chavez, Ahmadinijad all afraid of a little mouse

Scanning some of my favorite blogs I ran into these pictures:



Via Mi Blog Es Tu Blog I found these great pictures from a PSA campaign from the
International Society for Human Rights (ISHR) . The world-wide campaign called “Scared Dictators” focuses on Cuba’s Raúl Castro, Venezuela’s Hugo Chávez and Iran’s Mahmoud Ahmadinijad. They highlight how the Internet can be used as a weapon to promote human rights.

I am happy to see world-wide organizations focus on these dictatorships and their abuse of power. Recently in Cuba the government has blocked use of the Internet from average Cuban citizens (aka non tourists). Many brave Cubans are rebelling against the government and taking to the Internet with stories of real life in Cuba. People like Yoani Sánchez and her blog Generation Y is shattering the imagine the communist dictatorship is trying to create.

I also love these pictures because they are just funny. Enjoy. hehehe….



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