George H.W. Bush Braver Then Me

bush.skydiveAccording to an article in the Washington Examiner former President George H.W. Bush will be celebrating his 85 birthday skydiving. CNN HLN anchor Robin Meade will join Bush 41, a veteran of parachute jumper with seven jumps under his belt. His first jump was as a Navy Pilot during World War II in 1944, when his plane was shot down in World War II.

Washington Examiner writes:

On Friday, the former president will jump with Meade above Kennebunkport, Maine, as part of his weekend birthday celebrations. Joining him in the sky will be the Army’s Golden Knights.

I think this is awesome. I want to be 85 and jumping out of planes for fun. For years I have been saying I would go jump for my birthday. Every year I chicken out. Opting for the cake with family and drinks with friends.

This year might be the year. An old high school professor is an instructor in Miami, my hometown. My mom has promised to join me if I finally jump. That would be some interesting pictures.

Would you skydive?


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