Editorial: GOP can reclaim the Hispanic vote

Today Politico.com published an editorial by Danny Vargas, Chairman of the Republican National Hispanic Assembly (RNHA). Vargas discuss the importance of the Latino vote to the GOP.

The editorial comes on the heels of a series of Politico articles discussing the challenges that need to be addressed for Hispanics and the GOP. The articles ruffled feathers on all sides of the issue.

Vargas editorial in today’s Politico.com is his attempt to clarify major points missed in the articles. He writes:

Let me be very clear: The Republican Party must recapture a material portion of the Hispanic vote or we will not win national elections in the future. I make this stark prediction based not on emotion but, rather, on facts. Mistakes have been made in recent years, and we have a lot of work to do to earn back the interest and the trust of Hispanic voters; the good news is that it can be done. Let us examine why this is so imperative. (MORE)

In May Poltico’s Ben Smith wrote two articles GOP sounds alarm on Latino voter gap and RNC hiring chafes top Hispanics. The articles brought up some good points, but also skiped over some important advancements made by the party and activists.

A point I have long try to make is that while the GOP has suffered losses with the Latino community, one thing we have seen is a growing Hispanic conservative base. Like many other groups the GOP has to continue talking to swing voters in the Hispanic community. Many reports have shown a large percentage of Hispanics are swing voters. They are citizens not tied to any one party. The reality is this window of opportunity is closing and Republicans need to work twice as hard in order to attract Latinos into the party.



  1. We’re (Lake County Republicans) working our tails off in order to get involved with the Hispanic communities here in the County.

    It’s amazing how close our values align with each other.

    1. I would love to hear what you are doing. I would be happy to promote any good ideas or examples you think have worked in Lake County that would benefit other Republicans across the country. People need more concrete examples on how to expand the message of the party.

  2. I hope the noteworthy goal of “Hispanic outreach” does not mean we ignore the growing problem of illegal immigration caused by multiple amnesties (7 separate amnesties since 1986) in the pseudo-name of “comprehensive immigration reform.”

    I attend a predominantly Hispanic church, and my friends are very well aware of the ethical difference between LEGAL immigration and illegal immigration. I hope the GOP does not continue to reward the latter in the name of “Hispanic outreach.”

    1. Zach, While I appreciate your concern a huge problem is that some people keep equating Hispanics with illegal immigration. According to Pew Hispanic Center “Between 2004 and 2008, the number of Latino eligible voters rose from 16.1 million in 2004 to 19.5 million in 2008, or 21.4%. In comparison, among the general population, the total number of eligible voters increased by 4.6%.” Also it has been reported that about half of these people were involved in a political campaign. These are all voting American citizens who need to hear our message. While immigration is an important issue to a majority of the Latino community constantly equating the two is a mistake.

  3. I already agree with your excellent point above. I just dislike the code words used by the Left and RINOS.

    I think I earlier jumped the gun when I misinterpreted your “amen to Tancredo” comment above.

    I think Tancredo is on target (most of the time). In my profession, I get tired of seeing Social Security number theft, credit card theft, and identity fraud all perpetuated by illegals aliens. And I view Tancredo as being one of the few voices who will take a stand against the crime wave.

    Thank you for your comment above.

    I agree 150% with your comment that we should never equate “Hispanic” with illegal immigration.

  4. I agree 150% with your comment that we should never equate “Hispanic” with illegal immigration.

    Indeed we shouldn’t. Here in Santa Fe the majority of Hispanics are Americans whose Spanish ancestors were in North America before the Mayflower came anywhere near Plymouth Rock.

    1. Agreed Brigette. The Hispanic community is very, very diverse. People should recognize the Latino community is comprised of over 20 different countries and of Americans of many different generations. Thank you for your comments

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