How do you measure that?

This A.M. I got a news alert email from

POLITICO BREAKING NEWS: President Barack Obama will announce today that he will ramp up stimulus spending exponentially in the next three months, allowing the administration to “save or create” 600,00 jobs — four times as many as during the first 100 days since he signed the bill.

More spending. Here is a question, how do you measure jobs saved?



  1. How do you measure jobs saved? You can’t, which of course is the point.

    Unfortunately (for the White House), you CAN measure job creation and job loss.

    Hence, “create or save.”

    By throwing in an unquantifiable variable, they can claim they are saving jobs even as the unemployment rate rises.

    No, it wouldn’t work for a Republican president, but it’ll work for The One — for a time.

  2. great point. On twitter I saw a very funny post that explains this: “I thought about buying a Ferrari today, but didn’t. I just created or saved over $200,000 for my bank account!”

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