Spent Saturday in Abingdon, VA. I loved it. We went to the Barter Theater and saw the musical “Jimmie Rodgers.” It is IMG_4116based on the life of the father of country music, Jimmie Rodgers, the blues yodler. I didn’t even know who Jimmie Rodgers was before the show and now I am in love! He inspired people like Elvis Presley, Jhonny Cash and hundreds of others.

We hung out in Abingdon all day, which is only a few miles from Bristol, TN. I learned the area is part of what is known as The Crooked Road: Virginia’s Heritage Music Trial.

It was a big day in Abingdon with Plum Alley festival and a concert that eveing. We tried to make it to plum alley after the show but we missed it by 20 minutes. Who ends festivals at 3 pm anyway?

We passed by the Martha Washington Hotel. Built in 1832 like all things in Abingdon, it has an incredible story. Once a women’s college and a hospital during the civil war, it is now a spa and hotel and a major landmark on Main Street in Abingdon.

We walked around town, had an amazing Southen style dinner, shopped in antique stores and then rocked it out at the Memorial Day concert featuring The Teems (sp?). This group of Motown style singers had the entire town dancing. I even boogied the night away with my new friend Eddy.


Hooray to Abingdon. Nicest people on the planet… more pictures to come…


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