POLL: Latinos Are Conservative But Vote Liberal

A new survey based on residents of New York state provides some interesting (albeit, not new) information about the Hispanic/Latino population. The poll shows that an overwhelming majority of Latinos who identify themselves as Democrats, consider themselves conservative and are strong conservatives on social issues like same-sex marriage and abortion.

Some of the more interesting points are:

  • 18 percent of Latinos in New York identify themselves as liberal, 21 percent moderate and 31 percent conservative.
  • The favorite group for Latinos to join was a church (35 percent) and the least favorite was a political club (3 percent).
  • Only 26 percent of those surveyed think abortion should be legal in most or all cases.

Studies show that Latinos vote largely on kitchen table issues like the economy and education and not on social issues. Like in most of the country many Hispanics in NY feel Democrats better represent their interests in these areas. (Read the rest of the article here. )

The GOP has done a spotty job on communicating to the American public, and especially the Latino community, their agenda on how to improve on these important day to day issues.

Most of my life I have heard the 1979 Ronald Regan saying “Hispanics are Republicans, they just don’t know it yet.” While this might be true, it will be a tough conversion as long as the GOP is still known as the party for “los ricos” (the rich) and the Democrats are though of as the party for “los trabajadores” (the workers, the poor.) (this is for social, cultural and religious reaons.) It doesn’t help that many of our leaders try to keep a doubles arms length between them and Spanish or Hispanic-focused media.

The most important thing that I see in this poll and similar studies is the ever growing Hispanic conservative base. Many people aren’t commenting on it, but if you look at the last few Presidential elections the Hispanic GOP electorate is growing. While there will always be swing voters, there is most definetly a foundation to grow something much larger and stronger.


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