Introducing Santino Antonio Agen, weighing in at 10.6 pounds and stretching 22.5 inches. He was born today June 11 at 2:11pm. Nurses are stopping by our room just to see his enormous size! And Jarrod is already on the phone with Major League scouts. Thanks for all the prayers, thoughts, & well wishes. Love Bettina, Jarrod, and Little (big) Santino




A few weeks ago I went to a “moms-to-be” party at a local Miami baby store called Tutti Bambini. Greeted with smiling faces, happy helpers and every baby product I didn’t know I needed, I joined in all the festivities with lots of other very pregnant soon to be mommies.

During the festivities I was lucky enough to win a mini-maternity shoot with the store’s photography studio – Tutti Bambini Photography. Thank you so much to Cristina and the entire team for making the experience so special.

Here are some photos from the shoot.

BabyAgenTB3  BabyAgenTB4

BabyAgenTB1 Continue Reading »

I’ve gotten a lot of “new mom” advice over the last few weeks – solicited and unsolicited, but all well meaning.

As a first time mom I am always searching for information before I jump head first into this life changing uncharted territory called parenthood. So when I saw this video, I couldn’t help but think…..que cute! So of course, I wanted to share.

Some of the advice includes, “Make room for baby,” to “take time for yourself,” and this tear jerker, “The one thing you can’t understand and prepare for, that you’re not going to know until you experience it, is all the love. Be prepared to love something more than you ever thought you could.”

h/t Huff Post

We went in for an ultrasound during the 31st week of pregnancy excited to get a new view of our growing baby boy. Being first time parents makes everything more exciting, thrilling and scary and anything that will give us a better understanding of what is happening “in there” makes the parenting butterflies a little less intense.

The last ultrasound we did was during our 20th week of pregnancy when the doctor’s reconfirmed we were going to have a boy.

So we were pleasantly surprised to get these amazing and vivid pictures of our little man. (and his cute little face!!) I was really not prepared to hear that he was in the 90th percentile of growth and likely to weight about eight or nine pounds at birth. I knew I had a big boy. I didn’t know I was growing a giant baby! AY!!!


He is precious!! He has a full head of hair and likes to keep his hands by his face, just like a little boxer.

Everyone who has seen this photo have commented on one thing, how much he looks like his father, Jarrod! I guess we will see soon enough.

This is the 27th week of our pregnancy with Baby Agen. Apparently, he is the size of a head of cauliflower, which means he is about 2 pounds and around 14.5 – 15 inches long with his legs extended.


Given that the last few sonograms had him measuring two weeks bigger than average, I think this kid is way bigger. I can no longer see my feet! We still have about 89 days in the #CountdownToBabyAgen

Can’t believe in #100days +/- we meet our son. About to start the third trimester & getting ready for the big day!


Our growing boy is growing very fast … at about 20 weeks of pregnancy, Baby Agen is measuring 2 weeks older (and hence bigger). The technician mentioned he had a very large cabeza (head)!

I can’t get enough about this cute little profile. At the sonogram the doctors confirmed once again, the baby is in fact, a boy! Can’t wait to meet our son. BabyAgen2 - Version 2

BabyAgen1 - Version 2


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